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  • A-M Gutter Guard - Aluminum 5 inch for k-style gutter

    A-M Gutter Guard – Aluminum 5″ (50 Feet, Mill Finish)

    • It’s the design that makes a difference.
    • A lifetime warranty covers no rust, rot, or product self-deterioration.
    • Heavy (industrial) gauge .018 will not rust.
    • 100% aluminum.
    • Specifically made for hidden hangars, but compatible with all hangar types, even K-style hangars.
    • From the ground, it is nearly invisible.
    • 380 holes per linear foot, with the ability to handle downpours.
    • Tabs for seamless joints make it simple to install.
    • Needs 1/2″ #8 Zip Screws, which are not provided.
    • Made in America!