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Are Roof Gutters Necessary?

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Are roof gutters required?

The quick response is “yes.” Most homeowners would rather have gutters than risk having their homes damaged by water, even though they aren’t mandated by law.

You might not know how crucial rain gutters are until you get them installed. In spite of the fact that they can be used as a wonderful ornamental element in your home, their major function is to protect against mold, mildew, and other types of water damage. Rainwater is diverted away from a home’s exterior and foundation by gutters, which in turn helps to keep the home stable.

Should Every Building and House have Gutters?

Yes, with a couple of stipulations. This tutorial will walk you through the reasons why gutters are important for your home, as well as how you can modify them to complement the architectural design of your property.

You should also consider purchasing gutter guards to ensure that your gutters remain clean and continue to perform as expected. As a result of our research, we have identified the most effective gutter guards to assist you in getting the process off the ground.

What’s the purpose of having gutters?

Rainwater that runs down the surface of your roof can be collected in gutters that are attached to the underside of the eaves of your home. The water is then guided by the gutters to the edge of the roof, where it is collected by downspouts, which are vertical sections.

Most of the time, downspouts will direct the water into drainage systems or extensions that will reroute the water away from the foundation of your house. You might also create a gutter system that is friendly to the environment and conserves water by collecting it in tanks for use in gardening during the winter months.

House with white gutters and downspout
White rain gutters with drain spouts attached to the roof of the home.

Are Gutters Important?

The simple answer is yes.

Even though gutters aren’t mandated by law, most homeowners should have them installed on their houses to protect their investments from water damage. Below you will find a discussion of some of the most important reasons why gutters are vital.

Slopes – Hills and slopes may give your landscaping an idyllic look, but they’re one of the primary reasons you need gutters. Slopes can cause water to pool and pool up, which can cause flooding. If your house is situated at the bottom of slopes, the rainfall that runs down those slopes might pool around the foundation of your house, which can lead to damage, settlement, and mold growth.

Basements – If you have a basement, especially if it’s finished, you’re going to want to make sure that you have gutters. It is possible for water to enter your home and cause flooding in the basement if you do not have gutters. The installation of some gutters in your basement is an easy way to secure any valuables you could have down there. Crawl spaces are susceptible to having the same problem.

Overhang – Rainfall will cause trenches to form around the foundation of your home if the overhang of your roof is close to the siding of your home. These trenches have the potential to cause significant and expensive damage, which gutters would normally prevent.

Clay-rich soil – When it rains, clay-rich soil, such as red clay soil or clay loam soil, is able to both absorb and hold onto water. This water can then be directed toward the foundation of your house by the soil, which can operate as a pipeline that consistently supplies water to the same location. These problems can be avoided entirely by installing gutters, which channel the water away from the building and into a drainage system.

Rain gutters and drain pipe on a nice beautiful home.
Roof gutters with a drain spout attached.

When Is it Not Required to Install Gutters?

There are several situations in which gutters are not required, despite the fact that their installation is normally strongly recommended. Take a look at some of the examples that are listed below.

Concrete – If your property is surrounded by concrete structures, such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, streets, or other concrete structures, then it already has protection from the accumulated rainwater.

Slopes Facing Downwards – Your property will have natural water runoff that can do the work of gutters for you if it is positioned at the crest of a hill, which means you won’t need to install them. Just remember to provide your yard with a lot of slopes that head in the opposite direction of your house while you’re designing your landscaping.

Roof Overhang – If your property satisfies the other requirements, such as having downward slopes, you might not require gutters if it has a big roof overhang measuring between 6 and 10 inches. However, this only applies if the overhang is more than 10 inches.

Patterns of weather – The likelihood of your home needing gutters is reduced if it is located in a location that is drier and receives less rainfall.

What Are Some Ways That I Can Improve My Gutters?

Even though installing or upgrading gutters might not seem like the most thrilling thing to do, you can still use them to give your home more personality and sophistication. Listed below are several different ways to make the most of the style potential of your gutter system.

Guttering comes in a wide variety of styles, and each one can give your house a distinctive look. Box gutters give a house an industrial appearance, while the more traditional half-round gutters look fantastic on ancient homes. You might want to consider getting bespoke fascia gutters if you’re going for a more contemporary and seamless look.

The material that your gutters are composed of can give the impression that your home is more expensive than it actually is. Wood gutters, on the other hand, lend a touch of historic allure and a sense of coziness to the exterior of your property, whereas copper gutters give your home’s exterior a dramatic accent.

Our Recommendation for Roof Gutters

Not only can gutters give your house a more personalized look, but they also offer a significant amount of protection and safety for your property.

Although there are some people for whom they are not completely necessary, in general, they are advised to get them. 

To guarantee that the decision you pick is the best one for your house, we recommend that you research gutter installation.

Additionally, we suggest that you give gutter guards some thought. Because they prevent gutters from becoming blocked, these improve the efficiency, reliability, and lifespan of your gutter system. They also reduce the number of times that the gutters need to be cleaned.

Below you’ll find a list of our top suggestions for companies that sell gutter guards.


Quick Facts About LeafFilter:

  • Micro-mesh of steel is the material.
  • Transferable for a lifetime, that is the length of the warranty.

Request an Instant Estimate: Visit LeafFilter site

What We Like About LeafFilter Gutter Guards

LeafFilter offers a gutter guard system that is made up of three separate pieces and features micromesh. Micro-mesh gutter guards are the most effective type of guards because they are able to capture ultra-fine particles such as pollen and shingle grit. In addition, LeafFilter aligns its gutter guards so that they fit in perfectly with your roof, and it offers a variety of colors so that you can find one that complements the look of your home.

> Review of the LeafFilter can be found here.


A Few Quick Facts About HomeCraft:

  • Micro-mesh of steel is the material.
  • Transferable for a lifetime, that is the length of the warranty.

Request an Instant Estimate: Visit HomeCraft site

What We Like about HomeCraft Gutter Guards

Another micro-mesh gutter guard of superior quality is provided by HomeCraft Gutter Protection. Gutter guards manufactured by this company are made of marine-grade stainless steel micro-mesh, and they include a raised diamond pattern that readily pushes out heavy, flat material, such as leaves, that can cause blockage.

The frame of the HomeCraft guard is made of powder-coated aluminum, and it can be adjusted to accommodate virtually any size gutter. When attaching its guards to your fascia boards, the company uses hangers made of strengthened metal that is hidden from view in order to provide an additional level of stability.

> Review of HomeCraft can be found here.

Gutter FAQs

What happens if your house does not have gutters?

If you don’t have gutters on your house, you could end up with foundation settlement, mold growth, mildew growth, and damage to your home’s siding if water collects there.

Do gutters make a difference in the value of a home?

A home’s worth is not often increased by installing gutters unless the gutters are a premium product such as copper gutters. However, gutter guards that come with a lifetime warranty that can be transferred to new owners can boost the value of your house by providing an extra layer of security.

Are gutters and downspouts always required?

Yes, it is essential to have downspouts. They enable rainwater to enter your drainage system while also preventing any problems related to corrosion and are an essential component of your gutter system.

Which is better: gutters with a five-inch or a six-inch opening?

Gutter lengths of six inches are highly recommended by our company since they offer superior drainage and are less likely to become clogged. However, if your house is on the more compact side, you should probably go with gutters that are five inches wide.

How We Decided Which Companies Offer the Best Gutter Guards

We conducted extensive study and analysis on a wide variety of gutter guards and gutter guard providers. Following that, we devised a rating system that was based on each individual guard and service. We took a number of aspects into consideration, such as the gutter guards’ quality as well as the types of gutter guards that were available, the availability of a variety of color options, the lengths of the warranties as well as any limitations, and any additional features, such as heating elements.

We determined how each gutter guard firm customizes the installation process for each individual home by having a direct conversation with a representative of the company. In addition to this, we took note of whether or not the organization guarantees its quote for a specific amount of time, which gives clients the opportunity to make an educated choice.

As a means of determining each provider’s reputation, we examined their standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, we investigated the most current one hundred Google Reviews that were available for each service provider across all of their locations and departments.

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