A-M Gutter Guard – Aluminum 6″ (100 Feet, Mill Finish)

  • It’s the design that makes a difference. Heavy (industrial) gauge .018 aluminum is 100% rust-free. No rot, rust, or product self-degeneration is covered by the lifetime warranty.
  • Specifically made for hidden hangars, but compatible with all hangar types, including K-style hangars
  • With 380 holes per linear foot, it is virtually invisible from above and is simple to install with tabs for seamless joints. Requires 1/2″ #8 Zip Screws, which are not included.
  • Made in the USA!


Gutter Guard A-M

Heavy gauge; specifically made for hidden hangers, but compatible with all hangers.

018 – 100% aluminum that won’t corrode

• Absent from the surface

• Manages heavy rains

• Pest- and weather-resistant (to snow and ice)

• Simple to install on either new or old gutters

• Avoids damaging shingles by not installing them underneath them.

• Prevents gutter obstruction

virtually no maintenance is required!

• No more enjoying a pleasant rainstorm in your living room only to be reminded that your gutters are backed up and overflowing.

• The elimination of basement flooding caused by clogged and overflowing gutters

• No more climbing ladders

• No need to clean the gutters

• Extend the lifespan of your foundation, windows, doors, and gutters.

Questions and Answers

Why are A-M Gutter Guards the best?

Our trademarked style! More airflow from the top and bottom is encouraged and created by this design, which helps clear debris. The product’s design also enables installation on all types of hangers, including hidden hangers as well as the more traditional spike and farrow hangers. This product is the best option for any homeowner or installer thanks to these features.

Do I need to have my current gutters replaced?

No! There is no need to replace your current gutters unless they are damaged. Any 5 or 6-inch gutter and any hanger style can be fitted with A-M Gutter Guards.

Will all roof types be compatible with A-M Gutter Guards? Yes, A-M Gutter Guards are fitted over your gutters so that they don’t touch the roof. Any roof pitch and any material work well with them.

A-M Gutter Guards: Are they clog-proof?

No, your gutters can continue to flow freely thanks to the innovative bubble design of A-M Gutter Guards; the flow drain holes only let water into your gutters.

Will A-M Gutter Guards function in torrential downpours? Yes, A-M Gutter Guards work effectively during periods of record rainfall. There are 384 holes per foot in A-M Gutter Guard.

How durable are A-M Gutter Guards?

Because they are made of high-tensile aluminum, A-M Gutter Guards never rust, rot, or distort.

When covered in wet leaves, pine needles, or other debris, will A-M Gutter Guards still function? Yes, tests demonstrate that the distinctive filtering bubble design of A-M Gutter Guards enables water to flow freely even when covered in debris.


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